How to get Medals & Ember?

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How to get Medals & Ember?

Post by Forum2 » 30 Jul 2013, 12:06

You can get Medals(WM) by:
1. Participating in clan war - limit 1 WM per day
(need to reach enemy fort if you are attacker, encounter attacker at least once if you are a defender)

2. Being an attacker in clan war - limit 10 WM per day
(every 5 attack to enemy fort, you could get 1 WM)

3. Daily PVP - limit 2 WM per day.
(need to sink your target, 100% drop)

You can get Ember by:
1. You can get ember by joining a clan and taking part in the clan skirmish battles.

2. ​You can also get ember during certain clan events on some month.

3. ​You can also get ember from the clash of crew event held monthly.

Outpost skirmish event:

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