June Ocho Promotion & Events!

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June Ocho Promotion & Events!

Post by Mod_Nami » 28 May 2021, 05:29

Starts 1st June! (Server Time)


1) Apocalypse Warriors Clan Event (1 - 30 Jun)


Clan Members will earn "Clan Points" by taking part in certain clan activities.
The points that can be earned are as follows:
- Each successful clan war fort attack: 3 Clan Points
- Each successful defeat of a skirmish defender: 1 Clan Point

- If more than 1 player has the same points, the player to achieve that point first will be ranked higher.
- Captains must complete the event redemption prize ladder to qualify for the limited Top Prizes.

2) Crew Battle Arena (10 - 12 Jun)
Equip your crew, form an elite team and take on other crews in the arena to win Ember and other exclusive prizes! Form an attack team with your captain + 4 officers and a defense team with your captain + 4 other officers.
Captains will get 5 FREE attacks each day during the Clash of Crews Event.

Get Captain Frames and Achievement Badges for being in the Top 100 or higher~
Note: Only the highest Badge will be awarded. Captains must also obtain the minimum points requirements for top prizes to be eligible.


3) Outpost Skirmish (Month of Jun)
The Outposts (Ore Pits, Crystal Caverns and Stormfort) will be transformed during the “Outpost Skirmish” event.
Clans will compete to control the Outposts and earn ember rewards in this event.
More details here.

4) Ultimate Leveller Package
For every 50 Ocho coins purchased, captains can purchase a special 1,000 Energy Package for 35 Ocho coins! (A 30% Discount!)

5) Free Gambler Treasure Chest
For every 500 Ocho coins purchased, captains will get 1 FREE Gambler Treasure Chest.

6) Free Utility Package
Get FREE 400 Energy and 1 FREE Stats Reset with a minimum purchase of 50 Ocho coins (Max once per captain).

7) Spoils of War
Clan War fort attacks will grant DOUBLE EXP in the month of Jun!
Get 1 FREE Gambler's chest for every 500 successful clan war fort attacks in the month of Jun!


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