When is this game coming on a Smartphone???

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Re: When is this game coming on a Smartphone???

Post by Master of Clan X » 23 Jul 2015, 02:33

Samuel Chiou wrote:Claims he has nothing to do with this game and couldn't even give me the name of his successor, yet can always find time to pop back on here to flap his gums) posted constructively).
Firstly, you never asked.

2nd, if you actually played BS (you've being inactive for years) instead of just being a try-hard, you'd have realised there wasn't any successor.

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Re: When is this game coming on a Smartphone???

Post by Richy » 24 Jul 2017, 23:08

Samuel Chiou wrote:
26 May 2015, 22:48
BS an extremely complex MMORPG...?

What the blazes? This game is incredibly simple, and if anything has been dumbed down over the years. When is this game getting sorted out on PC is what you should be asking! I've said it before and I shall say it again:

Revert ports back from being homogeneous characterless eyesores. First it was all the ships in the same port, now it's level based ports. What utter nonsense. Cast your mind back to when the ports were all different and the stuff they sold was themed, Aeros sold the high tech stuff, Al Amraan the sturdy rough and ready stuff, Imperial the overpriced stuff for posers, Corxas the missiles that all suck anyway after they got nerfed, etc. People would travel through the game, without blatantly artificial rules saying this or that. It was immersive. We looked up stuff on CCCs guide and discussed it in the Tavern before planning our shopping routes.

The player interaction makes this game. It used to be you could actually have a vendetta against someone. Hunt them down by their profile revealing their location. Sink them to hell and back. If they change ports, you can follow them. You could clear ports (full of REAL people) together as a clan. Change your win message to target a certain person and sink them. That was priceless, that was what made this game GOLD. You needed to get people you actually knew together to form a clan, get them all in a Facebook group first, not just make one and hope enough odds and sods would join before the member count check. There was a tavern chat full of people. It was awesome. Now, no one can snipe any more - Ancient Battlegrounds is redundant as protection is not removed on attacking in war. No one can even FISH any more, as repairing to 100% is automatic! So is one salvage every day - get rid of mandatory autosalvage and give back POWER to the CLAN MASTERS who deserve it!

Why the hell do you want to get rid of the soul of the game? Why?

Almost every update you have made has served to diminish player interaction. People used to have fun buying famous people's weapons on the auction market, now it's a user unfriendly mess. You no longer get precise information about auction times, you can't buy and sell common items, you can't see who the highest bidder or seller is. TYLER, whoever told you less is more needs to be given short shrift! You don't even sell pie launchers on April 1st or give out presents on Christmas any more! The events nowadays are nothing but massive AP drains to coax money from the tryhard players, high level stuff CANNOT be won by people who don't buy AP (or equivalent), think back to the days of REAL monster events! Where we would sit in the Tavern Chat looking up the latest replays by changing the URL to see what HP it was on to try and snipe it! When the reward would be a unique weapon or part! Bring back the Tavern Chat, and stop trying to con players out of their money with the silly "global chat" and the utterly pointless waste of time that is buying drinks in the Tavern for morale (more and skills need to be sorted out too)! Don't you have any pride in your work? The "VIP rewards" for buying ocho are fucking criminal, even vaguely implying that anyone should pay THOUSANDS OF POUNDS for a FACEBOOK FLASH GAME is WRONG.

Oh and bring back the cartoon art! The current art is boring and characterless. Back in 2008 you had absolutely fantastic art, the character portraits looked like Quentin Blake drawings, the ships were bright and colourful (by the way, I looked around for pictures of the old Aegis and Trident, you know the flying coffins, but I couldn't find any - can anyone help?), now look at them! Now look at the game! It's dark, drab and dingy! Half the parts equipped on a ship don't do anything but put a tiny little scribble in a circle! How COULD you think that is better than the lovely old giant sails and stabilisers and figureheads, the art that gave LIFE to SIOS? Well done on adding engine graphics after all those years, but it's no good if you had to take away cannon barrel graphics to do it! Bring back flashing light Yamatos! Bring back Battle Stations (BS)! Get rid of Skirmish and just have ember as a PvP reward! Bring back real PvP and there's no need for some tarted up clan version (all clans worth their salt did their own clan PvP anyway, like when G0ATz fought the CDS...).

Get rid of Gunship and Icebreaker - those two ships have put THREE of your other ships OUT OF BUSINESS! It's madness! They are no-lose blatant OPed ships, why would anyone fly a Katana or a Goliath or a Murakamo DX/Caramusal/Endeavour now? It's mindless and wrong! Stop handing out Black Cannons and Chainsaw Blades, it's completely insane to have them flying around everywhere at low levels; Chainsaw Blades were a special event only weapon for a damn good reason! IT BREAKS THE GAME! You've done all sorts of mischief, now please undo it and bring the game back to health. You know it makes sense. And FFS leave the level cap at 300...anyway, I've probably forgotten a few things I ought to have said here, but I'll say them if and when they come to mind.
Battle Stations 2, can we make this?

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